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Why Argent?

Argent was founded in 2019 with a simple goal in mind, to support early-stage startups and small businesses through practical strategy, finance, and capital advisory. Since then we have grown to become a Venture Studio & Advisory firm growing both our own businesses and those of our clients / partners.

What Is It Like To Partner With Argent?

At Agent, we understand every Founder’s situation is unique. Some have quick needs of improving their core documents, while others are looking for long-term partners who can support their full business efforts.

What this means for our clients & partners is that we have flexibility to tackle both short- and long-term projects on a case-by-case basis.

What Is The Pricing Structure?

We operate under a monthly retainer model with rates determined based on services and time needed per month.

Compensation can vary between pure cash, pure equity (in rare cases), or a hybrid model with all interests aligned and standard vesting schedules.

We also offer fixed-rate exercises designed to tackle critical needs around pitching & business planning.

Can You Raise My Capital?

While we are happy to connect entrepreneurs with investors in our network, Argent is not a broker-dealer and we choose instead to support the efforts that go into capital raising (business planning, pitch materials, financial models, investor outreach strategy development, etc.).

What Kind Of Valuation Do You Offer?

Argent’s views on valuation are a hybrid of current Angel/Venture Capital market sentiment and investment banking valuation analysis.

Valuation is completed in order to test business model sustainability and frame conversations when discussing your organization with investors & the broader community.

Argent does not currently offer 409a valuation analysis.

Is Argent Right For Me?

Our clients come to us for a variety of needs, however some of the common issues we hear include:

I want to launch or grow my business, but I’m unsure of the next steps (or) don’t have the time necessary to tackle the day-to-day needs.

From analyzing and implementing new products & services to preparing documentation for capital raise conversations, Argent has seen it all. We are flexible in nature and partner with your team to identify and plan for all possible areas of growth. Once properly identified and structured, we are able to analyze potential return on investment, and create executive strategies in order to ensure your growth continues to march forward.

I am approaching a major company milestone (creating a board of advisors, raising capital, spending capital, etc.) and I want support as I work through it.

When growing your business it is common to find yourself in situations that are not comfortable and where your team has limited experience. In these situations, our clients have found it helpful to have a partner on their side who had “seen it before” and could support their decision-making efforts, be it discussing 3rd party company partnership opportunities or negotiating with cofounders and investors. We are here to support your efforts and coach you through to the other side.

My business feels “stuck” and I want a fresh set of eyes actively working with me to find opportunities for growth & next steps planning.

While selling a product or service can initially present itself as easy, growing and managing a business is often hard. For individuals and teams looking to bring their professionalism and efficiency to the next level, we offer executive coaching and team optimization in order to ensure the broader organization and each team member within is bringing their full value to the company.

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